How Video Changes the Social Media Game

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“What publishers do really well is understand how to tell a story… they understand that engaging with the audience is important.” Mark Robertson

To consistently grow organically and engage with your target audience, outstanding content that is informational, entertaining or inspirational is key. However, with new content being churned out on a daily basis across the interwebs, standing out gets increasingly harder. On youtube, 300 hours of video content are pushed out every minute!

Attention spans get shorter. Advertising gets clicked away faster. How do you stay relevant in an everychanging playground?

Here, video can make all the difference.

  • As opposed to text, the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster.
  • Youtube is the world’s secon largest search engine.
  • On facebook, video content makes up 20% of all content and captures attention the most with 12.05%

Video can work for any type of company, product or service. It is all about visual language and storytelling. Whether produced in a polished classic advertisment style or a more organic, and personal look for social media, there are multiple ways to make you stand out. Remaining true to your company’s branding and communication style is key to remain authentic but at the same time more approachable.

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.” – Mike Henry

After all, what video does is to get you closer with your ideal audience. It serves as a bridge between the often elusive brand or company and the end customer. Social media is the communication channel and video the invitation of an open door.

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