Video Storytelling

“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [and] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.” – Dan Patterson, What Makes an Online Video Worth Sharing?

What’s better than showcasing your travel services, activities and tours? Following along during the course of the experience. Through a personal lens, stories can be told in a much more immediate and personal way, creating the feeling as if following a friend.

Vlog or hosted video? Interviews or highlights reel? What story do you want to tell?

Which format suits your project idea best? Let’s jump on a call and discuss.


Case Study Lowa

To showcase the latest product range by Lowa, inclduing comfortable city shoes to sturdy hiking boots, a series of videos was created. This oncluded one hero video featuring both city and outdoor experience from the unique perspective of the shoes, transitioning from metropolis to small town and finally hiking trails. As the location, Canada was chosen as it perfectly exemplifies the blend between modern city and primal woods.

  • 1 hero video, 3 teaser videos
  • Over 3.3K video views

Past Client Examples: Allianz, Kayak, Ruhr Tourismus, Thüringer Tourismus GmbH, Groovy Grape Tours

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